Brexit Day

Don't mope on Brexit day - instead crank up the volume and think about everything that we have achieved.
For the last 1,317 days, this song has for many been the unofficial anthem of the Remain Movement.


European elections - how does it all work

EU elections are now almost certain to happen.

They use a version of Proportional Representation known as the D'Hondt Method.
I won't try and re-explain it here, as there are already various good explanations available such as this one.

I've made a google spreadsheet partly based on some other ones I found online, to let people play around with different voting patterns and see how it affects the results.

Happy Remain Day - a brief reflection on how far we have journeyed

As I write this, we should be just hours from leaving the EU - but we aren't. Theresa May said that the date would not be changed, but it was.

Today some Brexiters outside Parliament are protesting (and hopefully it remains peaceful) - but there is much that we remainers can be celebrating.

30 months ago, a second referendum was a fringe idea

But we didn't give up

We marched
We campaigned
We lobbied

Our cause became a mainstream policy

A tale of two towns - the divergent views of Slough's and Windsor's MPs

Slough and Windsor may be two towns only walking distance apart, but the views of their MPs on Brexit are very different.

Slough and Windsor's MPs both voted against the government's EU withdrawal agreement, but for opposite reasons.
Windsor's MP wants a harder Brexit, and to keep no-deal on the table, whereas Slough's MP took the more sensible (in our opinion approach) of voting it down in favour of a softer Brexit and in favour of taking no-deal off the table. It's not quite supporting the People's Vote, but it's a great start.

He says:

Latest newsletter out - 14 days left to halt Brexit

The Ides of march was historically a turning point in history. With just 14 days left until the UK's departure from the EU by automatic operation of the law, lets hope that this still holds true. To catch up on everything that has been going on, our latest newsletter is now out, with information about our recent street stalls, the upcoming People's Vote March, campaigning in London with SODEM, the Reading Half Marathon and lots more.