Happy Remain Day - a brief reflection on how far we have journeyed

Happy remain day graphic

As I write this, we should be just hours from leaving the EU - but we aren't. Theresa May said that the date would not be changed, but it was.

Today some Brexiters outside Parliament are protesting (and hopefully it remains peaceful) - but there is much that we remainers can be celebrating.

30 months ago, a second referendum was a fringe idea

But we didn't give up

We marched
We campaigned
We lobbied

Our cause became a mainstream policy

Today we aren't leaving the EU
Today there is hope that we can Stop Brexit
Today there is talk that we can Revoke Article 50

Happy Remain Day

We've come a long way and proved what can be achieved when we all work together towards a common goal. Some of us were talking about a People's Vote long before it even gained that moniker.

They say a week is a long time in politics, but in recent weeks, even a few hours seems like an age - yet when you look back, many things that ought to have moved have not. They are moving fast, but standing still. Brexit plans are getting nowhere.

Tiny step by tiny step we are succeeding.