A tale of two towns - the divergent views of Slough's and Windsor's MPs

Slough MP Tan Dhesi

Slough and Windsor may be two towns only walking distance apart, but the views of their MPs on Brexit are very different.

Slough and Windsor's MPs both voted against the government's EU withdrawal agreement, but for opposite reasons.
Windsor's MP wants a harder Brexit, and to keep no-deal on the table, whereas Slough's MP took the more sensible (in our opinion approach) of voting it down in favour of a softer Brexit and in favour of taking no-deal off the table. It's not quite supporting the People's Vote, but it's a great start.

He says:

I voted against the Prime Minister’s half-baked, botched Brexit deal. Since the 2016 EU Referendum, rather than trying to unite Parliament and the British people and get through a sensible Brexit deal she has ignored and sidelined opposition parties. Instead, she has tried to unite the Conservative party over Brexit, which in itself is an impossible task and the resulting chaos is there for all to see.

Please write to him to encourage him to support a People's Vote on Brexit and to thank him for the sensible pragmatic position that he's taken on the issue so far.

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