Slough Council to set aside £200,000 contingency fund for Brexit consequences

Sign outside Slough Borough Council offices

Slough Unitary Authority has decided to set aside  two hundred thousand pounds as a contingency fund to help deal with any issues stemming from Brexit.

As they point out in the article, the main issue is that nobody yet knows what they are planning for and little information has been provided by central government. Councillor James Swindlehurst said:

"The aim of us to put money aside is because we are weeks away now from the planned exit date. We have not had much communication from the government. In an absence of information from government we felt it better to put some protection in ourselves."

"We have seen since the end of December a no-deal scenario start to have a lot more planning and consequences associated with it because everyone had been spending 18 months assuming there was a process that would bring back a deal. Our aim was to make sure that we put money aside to deal with the potential consequences."

Setting aside funding for something like this seems a sensible move. I would be interested however to know how a figure was arrived at for this and whether it ties into the items on the previously produced risk assessment document. It would also be interesting to know how many other local authorities have taken similar measures. The end result of course (and the main subject of the article) is that if this sum ends up being used, then people's council taxes will have to cover it. We are all paying for Brexit.

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