Send your messages of Support to Dr Phillip Lee MP over his position on Brexit

Dr Phillip Lee MP in front of Houses of Parliament

Since the recent decision to resign his cabinet role over Brexit, Dr Phillip Lee is coming under pressure from a minority of his constituents to resign his position.

If he truly believes that his constituents back him on his position, then he should test that by standing down from Parliament and triggering a by-election.

We should note at this point that what they are suggesting is not customary practice. Ministerial resignations are a relatively common event and the MP returns to the back benches. It is only a resignation from the government. Perhaps those who criticise Phillip Lee should take some time to read through his actual reasons for doing what he has done - I doubt it's a decision he took lightly.

Slough for Europe strongly support his position in making a stand and we think that it is important in such situations that people hear words of thanks and support as well as the complaints. If you have a few moments, drop a brief email to Phillip Lee's office, stating that you support him in the stance he has taken on Brexit.

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