Join Slough for Europe marching Together for a Final Say

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This march is going to be huge and it has to be huge. We want it to be bigger than the March 2019 one and to bring London to a standstill on the day. Tell everyone you know about it, because the media coverage has been fairly patchy so far.

If you’d like to join Slough for Europe and the other groups that make up Berkshire for Europe on the journey to London and/or during the march, here are the meeting points and suggested timings.

The politicians are still trying to ignore the ever growing voice of those who want to Remain in the EU.
It's time to demand that they give us a #FinalSay in the form of a #PeoplesVote
The march in London last March was big. This one needs to be even bigger though. If you went last time, then try and invite along at least two people who didn't make it.

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Tell people you are going on the March on whatever social media you use.
Please tell the event organisers you are attending too, so that they get provisional ideas of numbers:

The government is still claiming that we will leave, with or without a deal on 31st October, so this could be our last chance to let them know the sheer scale of opposition to their plans. By fortunate coincidence, Parliament will also be sitting on a Saturday (the first time since the Falklands War that this has happened), whilst we are all making noise outside, so they won;t be able to ignore us as easily as they have previously.

Travel plans

(If you haven't come across plus codes before, you can type them directly into google and they will pinpoint a fairly specific area whether or not it has a postcode.)

Meeting points:

- First meeting point - Slough Railway Station. Plus code: 9C3XGC65+RF
We will aim to get the 11:09 fast train from Slough (probably platform 3). There is also a 10:40 fast train (Probably platform 3) and a 10:38 slow train (Probably platform 5) that arrive at Paddington within the right timescale.

- Second meeting point - Caffe Nero in Paddington Station. Plus Code: GR8F+MHQ
At Paddington, we’ll meet outside WH Smiths, from 11:00 to 11:40. It's around a 30-minute walk from Paddington to the meeting point.

At this stage, we will probably walk across Hyde Park, because many of the tube stations are likely to be closed. If people want to though, there is also the option of catching local buses to Marble Arch or other nearby locations and walking from there.

- Third meeting point - from 12:00 near the Australian War Memorial on the Hyde Park Corner roundabout (which will be closed to traffic), where people can sort themselves out, assemble flags and placards etc. Plus Code: GR2X+VF
Look out for the Slough or Berkshire for Europe flags.

- Final meeting point - after the March for anyone who wants to catch up with other local people: 14:00 to 16:00 near the steps in Trafalgar Square. Plus code: GV5C+8P

Please bear in mind that at the last march, because of the huge number of people there, most people found that their phones worked only intermittently, if at all. So, make sure you know what you are doing and have checked maps etc before you arrive in at the start of the march.

Useful tips:

It's likely to be much cooler than some of the previous summer marches, so remember to check the weather forecast carefully and wear appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes, and bring food and drink with you as there won't be much opportunity to buy anything on the route. There are various places to buy food at Paddington.
Also worth knowing in case you need it, there are loos at Paddington station (free), apparently at Hyde Park Corner tube, and Westminster tube (50p).

Social media:

At past marches, due to the amount of people, internet access was intermittent, so don't rely on it.

If you are posting images etc to social media, please use the hashtags #FinalSay and #PeoplesVoteMarch

Finally - please tag Slough for Europe in any posts if you want us to see them.


We will keep the most up to date event details on our Facebook event page, in case of any last minute changes to our plans.

Come along to the march - on your own or with friends, join up with Slough for Europe or another group or just do your own thing - the most important thing is that you are there.