Dr Phillip Lee on why Slough voted Leave

Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee

Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee has written a piece on Brexit, in particular why he thinks that Slough voted to Leave in 2016.

Originally a doctor before becoming an MP, he still does shifts in a surgery in Slough every couple of weeks.

He talks about how many people he has noticed who say they would now vote remain, even though they originally voted Leave.

“I have a British Pakistani patient with a chronic illness,” he says. “He walked in and I hadn’t seen him for five years and he said ‘I’ve been watching you’ because he knows I’m an MP. I said do you mind me asking how you voted and he said, ‘me and my missus voted Leave’. I asked how would you vote now and he said ‘Remain. I didn’t think this would happen’. It’s happened quite a few times in the surgery – and Slough voted Leave.”

He suggests that part of the problem is the lies told in the referendum - people making promises that could never be delivered.

“Go and ask all those senior politicians with all the charisma when they’re going to produce the practically and legally-deliverable Brexit that they promised in 2016 because I’m still waiting for the publication of that document with the authors Gove, Johnson, Villiers and Whittingdale,” he says. “When is it coming – ‘Bullshit Brexit’?”

Finally, he hints that supporting a second referendum may be the only way that Theresa May can save her political career.

The next few days are likely to define Theresa May’s time as Prime Minister. Dr Phillip Lee believes that unless she accepts his advice and backs another referendum, it will soon be time to turn off the life support machine on her political career.

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